(Edurne Arizu, Clara Peya, Fèlix Pastor, Enric Guaus)

Following our first stab at AI (ArInt) nanAI is another collaborative piece that aims to establish a dialogue between a live performer and an Artificial Intelligence model. This time we have used an unsupervised ML model. The result is very different, as it should be, since the inner workings of the model are very different.

You can read about both projects in the paper Composing for AI.

For this project the intelligences involved have been (thus far):

Presentation of nanAI @ TECSMUC 2023, 06/07/2023, Barcelona:

  • Presentation (in catalan)

  • Concert (with Clara Peya, Fèlix Pastor and Enric Guaus)

  • Pannel discussion

This research has been supported by the Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya (ESMUC).