Pohon is an auditory snapshot of the sound world of Quadpack. When touched, it unfolds a cloud of sounds from every corner of Quadpack not just as a company that manufactures beauty product packaging, but as an enterprise that connects people and places from around the globe and that is conscious of its power to extend beyond the traditional view of a company.

The sculpture resembles a suspended tree with branches that move gracefully when pushed. The sounds, a cloud of voices, noises and glitches we usually don’t listen to, slowly fit into patterns and phrases that become music as the sculpture settles and becomes a tree again. Pohon is the word for tree in Indonesian.

Figure 1: Virtual design of the Pohon sculpture.

The sensors for movement detection are controlled by and Arduino with sixteen 3D accelerometres connected via I2C bus. An electronic board has been specially designed (see Figure 2) . The whole design and code is available in GitHub.

Figure 2: I2C 16-channels multiplexed board for accelerometers and Arduino.